Kaitlin Reim
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I'm a Kansas City based User Experience Designer focused on creating beautiful solutions for complex user problems.
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I apply Design Thinking principals to every project, big or small.

My Process - Define


Through various methods such as user and stakeholder interviews, persona development, surveys, and other forms of data gathering I can truly understand the problem that needs to be solved. Putting users first is my main goal but this is also when I gather information on business and company needs to understand the problem from all facets.

My Process - Design


I design iteratively using various tools from pen and paper to wireframing software to high fidelity mockups (and everything in-between). Regular interaction with users and stakeholders through formal user testing or casual checkpoints is necessary to make sure I am designing a solution that truly solves the problem.

My Process - Develop


My involvement in the project doesn't stop when the project is ready to be developed. I work with the development team to ensure UX best practices are being followed and any compliance or accessibility standards are being met. I provide specifications and visual design guidance all through the development cycle.

My Process - Deliver


Providing a great user experience is all about iteration. Even when a project has gone live, I look to gather data to ensure our users' needs are being addressed. Solutions are rarely perfect and it's important to keep returning to previous projects to keep delivering the quality users deserve. Time to repeat the process again!


Here is a small selection of some of the projects I've worked on in the past.

40 Winks

40 Winks

Mobile Prototype

Administrator Dashboard

Administrator Dashboard

Cloud Software Product

Onboarding Task List

Task List

Cloud Software Product

Who Was Grace Hopper?

Who Was Grace Hopper?



Who is this person anyway?

Kaitlin Reim

Originally from Wisconsin where I earned my degree in Web Design and Digital Media, I now live and work in Kansas City, Missouri. I have experience working with websites, mobile apps, and enterprise software for various clients from a healthcare and research institution, to a radio conglomerate, enterprise software for educational institutions, and now the self storage industry. I'm excited by working closely with a collaborative team to solve complex problems for a wide array of users and truly believe that good user experience comes from the work of many, not just a single designer.

On a personal note, my hobbies involve doing anything with my hands that takes my eyes off a screen for a while including soapmaking, pottery throwing, and making my own beer. Hanging with my terrier Lulah and playing nerdy boardgames with my nerd friends is where you can usually find me on the weekends.


Reach out here and I'll be sure to reply.